1,500 gallons of liquid fluoride spilled into alabaster waterworks

ALABASTER, Alabama (WBRC) – More than a thousand gallons of liquid fluoride leaked Wednesday morning at a waterworks on Winterhaven Drive, Alabaster.

A screwed pipe connection on the fluoride tank broke during adjustment. This allowed fluoride to get from the on-site collection container into the secondary containment.

Alabaster Water updated its news release on Friday morning: Yesterday (Wednesday) around 4:15 p.m., the amount of liquid fluoride stored changed due to an undetermined pipeline fault, releasing approximately 900 gallons of fluoride into the soil. The contractor arrived on site at around 5:00 p.m. and was able to recover approximately 600 gallons of the liquid fluoride from the secondary containment and the adjacent area. Alabaster Water continues to work diligently to remove contaminated material from the construction site. In addition, we continue to closely monitor water quality and inspect adjacent water and gas utilities. Currently, fluoride leakage is not an immediate threat and has not affected local water supplies.

Anyone with questions is encouraged to call Alabaster Water at 205-663-6155.

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