American Manganese Inc. Prepares Recycled Cathode Reactor Products for Independent Technical Material Analysis

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American Manganese Inc., with its advanced and patented lithium-ion battery cathode recycling process, is pleased to announce that its first recycled NCA product, manufactured by the company’s cathode reactor, has been prepared and shipped for independent analytical testing. The cathode precursor material is a valuable input in the battery manufacturing process due to the fact that modern cathode chemistries are made …

American Manganese Inc. (TSXV: AMY) (OTC PINK: AMYZF) (FSE: 2:00 AM) (“AMY” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce its advanced and patented Lithium-Ion Battery Cathode Recycling (RecycLiCo ™) to indicate that its first recycled NCA product, produced by the company’s cathode reactor, has been prepared and shipped for independent analytical testing

The cathode precursor material is a valuable input in the battery manufacturing process, as modern cathode chemistries are manufactured in finely tuned chemical processes that place strict requirements on chemical composition, purity, particle shape, particle size and uniformity. American Manganese’s goal is to ensure that the cathode precursor material made by the patented RecycLiCo ™ process meets these high quality benchmarks that are expected by world class battery manufacturers.

The different technologies used to analyze the recycled cathode reactor products are:

  • X-ray diffraction test (XRD) – identifies the structure of crystalline materials and compares it to an ideal material reference

  • Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) – Scans samples with an electron beam to create a magnified image that shows particle morphology, chemical composition, and orientation of materials

  • Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) Spectroscopy – detects and measures elements in the sample to determine material purity

  • Particle Size Analyzer – Determines the size and distribution of the particles in the sample

“The cathode precursor is a key component in the lithium-ion battery manufacturing process,” said Larry Reaugh, President and CEO of American Manganese Inc. “To be able to manufacture battery-manufacturer-ready cathode precursors directly from recycled cathode scrap with minimal effort.” Processing steps will be an important milestone in the development of our project. “

The National Research Council of Canada’s Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP) supported and funded this technical feasibility project, officially known as the Synthesis of Cathode Material Precursors from Recycled Battery Waste.

The company expects to conduct multiple iterations of cathode reactor tests and material analysis for NCA and NMC cathode materials. These research steps define optimal processing parameters such as temperature, pH and pressure control before samples are sent out to interested third parties. The results are reported as received.

About American Manganese Inc.

American Manganese Inc. is a critical metals company focused on the recycling of lithium-ion batteries (RecycLiCo ™) and the production of electrolytic manganese metal from inferior US resources. The recycling process enables a high extraction of cathode metals such as lithium, cobalt, nickel, manganese and aluminum in high purity with minimal processing steps. American Manganese Inc. intends to commercialize its breakthrough patented RecycLiCo ™ process and become an industry leader in recycling cathode materials from waste from lithium-ion battery manufacturing.

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