Another judge has to accept a two-year prison sentence for a fateful nuclear project | job

Columbia, South Carolina (AP) – Former utility executives learn that two reactors under construction in South Carolina are falling behind schedule, costing payers and regulators billions of dollars. Before he goes to jail for two years.

Former SCANACEO Kevin Marsh has asked state judges to approve decisions that attorneys negotiated with prosecutors. That way, you can go to Federal Prison in Butner, North Carolina, which includes a large hospital, in place of a state facility in December.

Marsh was the first executive jailed for this project, which lasted nine years and never produced a watt of electricity. He worked with investigators and spoke to the FBI for at least seven days, the prosecutor said.

NS Second former SCANA manager As a Westinghouse Electric employee, a prime contractor who is building two new reactors in a VC summer facility in northern Colombia pleaded guilty. Westinghouse’s second officer He has been charged and is awaiting trial.

After a plea on Monday, prosecutors are expected to turn their attention to Westinghouse. Marsh lied about the lack of progress in the last few years of reactor construction, but Westinghouse knew the problem long ago and did not speak to Marsh or any other SCANA executive, Brooke Andrews of the US Federal Court. This was announced by the assistant prosecutor in Marsh’s decision on Thursday.

Federal and prosecutors agreed to a two-year prison term, and Marsh moved to have him sentenced to a federal prison instead of a state facility.

Marsh pleads guilty in February he acquired property by posing as wire transfer fraud or postal fraud in federal court and making false pretenses in state court.

His decision will be made in Spartanberg County, which is headed by District Judge Mark Hayes.

Lawsuits by Marsh and Other Executives $ 1 Billion Out of Payer’s Pockets and Investors, Authorities Securities and Exchange Commission Procedure on page 87 In 2020, he filed a lawsuit against him and a second executive.

Destroyed by debt and bad management, SCANA and its subsidiary South Carolina Electric & Gas were acquired by Dominion Energy, Virginia in 2019. State utility company Santee Cooper, who held a 45% stake in the project, was eventually bought by SCANA. managed, but had a debt of $ 4 billion.

Marsh has already paid $ 5 million in damages. SCANA paid Marsh $ 5 million in 2017 when the utility abandoned a project that was well on schedule.

Marsh read a brief statement in court on Thursday saying he was responsible for the project’s failure despite being deceived by Westinghouse.

“There’s not a day we don’t regret that these nuclear power plants weren’t built for the people of South Carolina,” he said.

Marsh’s first legal transaction said the verdict would wait until the investigation was completed to ensure his full cooperation. However, prosecutors forgave him after his 46-year-old wife was diagnosed with incurable breast cancer.

Documents presented to federal regulators document the history of the fateful nuclear project that began in 2008. The $ 10 billion project must be accomplished to receive the $ 1.4 billion tax deduction required to prevent overwhelming utility companies.

Prosecutors lied about the progress of the reactor, which Marsh knew was wrong to receive phone calls, presentations, and press releases to please investors and boost the company’s stock price. He said he presented his predictions.

U.S. District Court Judge Mary Geiger Lewis said the prosecutor and Marsh’s attorney apparently made the government wrong for over a year rather than deliberately misleading people. I reluctantly gained weight.

“Your crime was committed a little more elegantly and subtly than most of the people I see,” Geiger told Marsh on Thursday. “But the achievement cannot be recognized.”


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Another judge has to accept a two-year prison sentence for a fateful nuclear project | job

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