Arkansas Nuclear Missile Silo Bunker Turned Into Luxurious Airbnb

If you want to survive an apocalypse this is the place to be.

When it comes to luxury accommodations, outrageous locations, and the bizarre, Airbnb has accommodations for everyone. If you want to escape an apocalypse or survive a nuclear explosion this is the place to be. The abandoned nuclear missile silo bunker in Vilonia, Arkansas (north of Little Rock) because that place was converted into a luxury Airbnb rental.

For $ 324 a night, you could stay in a real, decommissioned nuclear missile silo. The Titan II luxury nuclear missile complex was built to launch a Titan II nuclear missile but has now been converted into a luxury pad to rest your head on. To get there you have to go 35 feet underground, but once you are in the 3500 square foot house, it’s entirely up to you. Including access to the Launch Control Center. This disused atomic silo has three bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, three bathrooms, a theater room and much more.

According to the Airbnb list, the original missile base is about 9 acres and is set in 200 acres of ranch land. Once you are underground and in the bunker, use the spiral staircase to explore the three-story facility. If you’re up to the challenge, the US Sun says you can use the 50-foot escape ladder to crawl to the surface. Plus, you can try locking the massive six thousand pound blast door.

Judging from the online reviews, this sounds like a memorable stay for many people and is only a few hours away.

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