BAANG reacts positively as Bradwell B talks paused

A CAMPAIGN group has called the interruption in talks about a new nuclear power plant a “silver lining” and hopes that the proposal will be rejected altogether.

The Blackwater Against New Nuclear Group reacted after the engagement was announced and all active project work on Bradwell B will be suspended for at least a year. This indicates a “significant reversal” of the project.

Talks between the Maldon District Council and the Bradwell B Power Generation Company – a collaboration between China General Nuclear (CGN) and EDF – have stalled.

The Bradwell Group said that in order to strictly control spending, it must pause aspects of the project that are not yet ready to progress.

However, the chairman of the BANNG, Prof. Andy Blowers, said: “Despite the call on the developer to suspend public engagement during the pandemic, the BANNG was told that the national need was urgent and that it was in the public interest that the proposed Development will not be delayed indefinitely or even significantly.

“Now the project seems to be slowing down and is no longer that important.

“The indefinite pause raises the question of whether this could be the beginning of the end of a project that has no vital need and that will cause irreversible damage and harm to the Essex coastal communities.

“When you look at all of these issues together, it is quite possible that the break will mark the start of the final task of the project.”

He added: “Covid could be the last straw. This black cloud hangs over the black water for far too long. There are finally signs of a silver lining. ”

The campaign group claims that up until a year ago, CGN claimed Bradwell B would take his pole position in the UK civil nuclear program as other projects fell by the wayside.

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Bradwell B says it will continue the project, which will create 8,000 construction jobs and 800 permanent jobs, and bring reliable, low-carbon energy for years to come.

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