Businesses pledge £4.4 billion investment if Sizewell C is approved | Anglia

A group of companies has committed £ 4.4 billion to invest in the east of England if Sizewell C is approved.

The Sizewell C Consortium is a collection of more than 200 companies and organizations from across the country.

They support plans for a new nuclear power plant on the Suffolk coast and have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) setting out their potential investments in the area.

The proposed Sizewell C would take between nine and 12 years to build. Photo credit: Sizewell C / EDF

Research by Ernst & Young, commissioned by the Sizewell C Consortium, suggests that the construction of the facility will attract:


Jobs in the east of England

Cameron Gilmour, spokesman for the Sizewell C Consortium, said: “This letter of intent demonstrates the exciting potential for jobs, investment and long-term economic growth in the east of England and across the UK.

“With more than 200 members across the UK, the Sizewell C Consortium is committed to supporting new nuclear facilities and the essential role it will play in the transition to our net-zero future.

“This project will be vital in ensuring that east of England does not lag behind in green recovery.

“For these benefits to materialize, we need a firm commitment to building Sizewell C by working closely with the government and consulting local stakeholders to ensure approval for the project.”

The UK government is currently in talks with EDF about the construction of Sizewell C.

If given the green light, it would take between nine and 12 years to build.

The RSPB and the Suffolk Wildlife Trust are concerned about the impact of a new nuclear power plant on wildlife populations. Photo credit: ITV News Anglia

Peter Aldous, Member of Parliament for Waveney, said: “The commitment to jobs, skills and investment outlined in the MoU is very welcome.

“The transition to a carbon-free economy offers Waveney, Suffolk and East Anglia a tremendous opportunity, not only in the short term as we emerge from the devastating effects of Covid-19, but also in the long term to leave a lasting legacy that will appeal to the local people and people benefits local businesses.

“Building Sizewell C is an extremely important part of this transformation.

“Local people need to have the opportunity to acquire skills to work on the construction of the nuclear power plant and then either work there once it is operational or transfer their skills to other sectors.

“This can make our region a compelling location for business start-ups and growth.”

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