Castro presents e-fluids for electric vehicles and mobility

Castrol announces the launch of Castrol ON ™, its new range of e-fluids for electric mobility.

Castrol announces the launch of Castrol ON ™, its new range of e-fluids for electric mobility:

Castrol ON ™, e-fats
Castrol ON ™, e-Greases play a critical role in maintaining optimal efficiency and extending component life

Castrol ON ™, e-thermal fluids
Castrol ON ™, e-Thermal Fluids for batteries improve thermal management and keep batteries cooler and more stable even under extreme conditions.2

Castrol ON ™, e-transmission fluids
Castrol ON ™, e-Transmission Fluids provide enhanced powertrain protection, improve efficiency, help electric vehicles keep running on a single charge, and work to extend the overall life of the powertrain system

Castrol’s range of advanced e-fluids work together to usher in a new era for electric vehicles on land and at sea.

  • On land, Castrol has developed a range of e-fluids to meet the needs of vehicle manufacturers. From gear oils that are already on the road in many electric vehicles to greases and thermal oils, these fluids keep electric vehicles running smoothly, efficiently, and cool.
  • At sea, Castrol e-Fluids support devices that are used to transmit power from an engine or electric motor to a propeller or bow thruster

Castrol’s e-fluids were developed in close collaboration with industrial partners such as the Jaguar Racing Formula E Team. Castrol ON ™ motorsport collaborations mean that our e-Fluid technologies have been tested to the max on the racetrack before they even hit the road.

Laura Posadassaid President BP Lubricants Americas:

“Castrol has a long history of innovating and delivering innovative solutions to new technologies. Our new Castrol ON ™ range offers OEM partners and consumers a full range of advanced e-fluids to meet the demanding technical requirements of current and future electric vehicles. “

Castrol provides the oils, fluids and lubricants the world needs, for every driver, every driver and every industry. It’s more than just oil. It’s fluid engineering.

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