Construction Begins On McDavid Solar Farm; Second Nearby Solar Site Still In The Works :

On Wednesday, Gulf Power announced the start of construction on a huge solar farm near McDavid, as plans for a second solar farm in the same region are in progress.

With 74.2 megawatts, the Cotton Creek Creek Solar Energy Center (graphic above) will generate enough electricity to supply 15,000 households with electricity annually, according to Gulf Power. The Escambia County Development Review Committee approved the Cotton Creek solar farm in November 2020. first reported in December 2019 that the facility was planned for West Bogia Road. Documents show the project is approximately 640 acres of which only 353.18 acres will be disrupted. The development is in an area north of West Bogia Road between South Pine Barren Road and Highway 29, west of Rays Chapel Baptist Church. The construction work is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

Gulf Power is also currently seeking the necessary permits for the First City Solar Energy Center off Holland, Cox and Roach Streets in McDavid. It will be 74.5 megawatts, enough to supply another 15,000 households with electricity each year.

The First City Solar Center will be approximately 554 acres, with approximately 458 acres to be disrupted for approximately 300,000 solar panels.

Both projects are expected to create 200 to 250 jobs during the building construction phase.

Gulf Power also announced that construction will begin on the 74.5 megawatt Blue Springs solar energy center in Jackson County.

“As part of FPL, we are ushering in a more sustainable future for Northwest Florida by delivering cleaner, more affordable energy and increasing reliability while keeping costs down for our customers,” said Mike Spoor, vice president of Gulf Power. “With every solar park that we build, we reduce our carbon footprint and ensure cleaner air in our region. In this way we ensure that northwest Florida remains beautiful for generations, while benefiting from the local economy with the contribution of hundreds of thousands of additional taxpayers’ money. “

Above: Plans for the Cotton Creek Solar Energy Center. In the picture below: Plans for the First City Solar Energy Center. graphics.

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