Firefly Foam toothpaste encourages kids to brush

A fun, foolproof new toothbrush solution is “neat” for both children and parents. Firefly, the oral care brand that focuses exclusively on children, introduces the new Firefly Fluoride Foam toothpaste, breaking new ground with a novel format that eases the drudgery and clutter of brushing. Unlike conventional toothpaste, this slightly foamy formula is more likely to be squirted directly into your mouth than onto a toothbrush. From there, it washes out bacteria and finds places that are difficult to access, which is particularly appealing to those who wear braces. Every kid can love the cool, foamy feel of whipped cream and the taste of chewing gum.

Not only will parents appreciate the void-proof power of the fluoride formula, but their clean approach too. Because Firefly Fluoride Foam Toothpaste can be injected directly into the mouth, spills, leaks, and dried out toothpaste are prevented on counters and sinks. And there are no more rubbery, clogged toothpaste tubes and caps!

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Kids will also love the range of characters in Firefly Fluoride Foam Toothpaste – Angry Birds, Marvel’s Spider-Man, Barbie, or Firefly.

“Children and parents have asked us for a less messy, more effective alternative to toothpaste,” said Geoff Carroll, chief marketing officer at Dr. Fresh LLC, maker of the best-selling Firefly light-up timer toothbrush. “Firefly FluorideTooth Foam has the superior advantage of creating hard-to-reach places where problems can arise and is less messy than regular pastes. We know that this is a lot more fun for children than putting the product on a toothbrush. Together with our self-guided Ready Go brush, Firefly Fluoride Foam Toothpaste offers the ultimate platform for easy and effective brushing from an early age. When children feel successful, they have more incentives to continue the routine for life. “

Firefly Fluoride Foam Toothpaste is recommended for ages 3 to 12. More information is available at

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