First nuclear reactor pressure vessel installed at the Bangladesh nuclear power plant | World news

Russia’s state nuclear power plant has completed the installation of the reactor pressure vessel in Bangladesh’s first nuclear power plant.

The Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina, and the General Director of Rosatom, Alexey Likhachev, initiated the final phase of the installation of the reactor pressure vessel at the Rooppur nuclear power plant in the Ishwardi district on October 10. Hasina attended the ceremony via video conference from Dhaka.

The Indian Hindustan Construction Company has received an order worth 110 million US dollars for construction work at the Rooppur plant in a joint venture with the MAX Group from Bangladesh. The Indian company has a 40% stake in the joint venture.

Indian companies can participate in the construction and delivery of non-critical equipment for the project under a trilateral agreement signed by India, Russia and Bangladesh in 2018.

Hasina thanked Russia for supporting the Rooppur project. The installation of the reactor pressure vessel in the first block of the nuclear power plant confirms the “strong presence of Bangladesh in the nuclear world when it comes to the peaceful uses of nuclear technology,” she said.

“After I was convinced of the safety and handling of nuclear waste at the meeting with the President [Vladimir] Putin, I decided in 2013 to opt for nuclear weapons, ”she said.

“Since this technology does not cause any CO2 emissions, it is environmentally friendly and helps to combat the negative effects of climate change. This powerhouse will help us achieve the SDG goals by 2030 in line with our development plan and make it easier for us to graduate into an industrialized nation in 2041, ”she added.

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On September 14, work began on installing the reactor pressure vessel. The reactor was relocated within the containment within two weeks. The 334-ton structure was installed in its construction position, and Likhachev said the development had brought Bangladesh closer to its goal of developing its nuclear power industry.

“The high qualification of the skilled workers and the thorough preparation ensured that the work was carried out with the highest precision … The development of the nuclear energy industry will not only solve the problem of energy supply in Bangladesh, but also contribute to the development of the region and the standard of living of the people improve, “said Likhachev.

Following the ceremony, Likhachev and the Prime Minister discussed issues relating to strategic cooperation between Rosatom and Bangladesh.

The Rooppur nuclear power plant is located on the banks of the Ganges, 160 km from the capital Dhaka. The plant is designed and built by Rosatom. The facility will have two VVER 1200 reactors with an expected life of 60 years, which can be extended by a further 20 years.

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