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10 October 2022

Barakah unit 3 is now supplying its first electricity to the UAE’s grid. The country’s first nuclear power plant is a key component of the UAE’s Net Zero 2050 Strategy.

Barakah 3 is now helping power the UAE grid (Image: ENEC)

The Korean-designed APR-1400 unit, which reached initial criticality in September, will now undergo the process of gradually raising power levels – known as power ascension testing – while being continuously monitored and tested until maximum electricity production is reached. It is “close to commercial operation in the coming months”, its owner, Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC), said.

Barakah 3’s connection to the grid – almost exactly a year since unit 2, which was grid-connected in September 2021 – demonstrates the “reliable and efficient progress” made at the plant, ENEC Managing Director and CEO Mohamed Al Hammadi said, adding: ” We have taken the lessons from each unit to help us provide strategically significant clean and abundant electricity for the UAE, with units 1 and 2 commercially operational and delivering a sharp decarbonisation of the power sector.

“The swift progress being made at Barakah demonstrates the UAE’s extensive megaproject capabilities with clean electricity helping to power homes, businesses, high-tech industries and ensuring the energy security and the resilience of the UAE grid for at least the next 60 years. Nuclear energy is an essential component of the UAE’s Net Zero 2050 Strategy, guaranteeing energy security and tackling climate change at the same time.”

Work to construct the four-unit Barakah plant began in 2012. The first unit started up and was connected to the grid in 2020, with unit 2 following in 2021. Both those units are now in full commercial operation. Unit 4 is in the final stages of commissioning prior to construction completion. Once all four units of the Barakah Plant are commercially operational, they will contribute up to 25% of the UAE’s Nationally Determined Contributions to Net Zero and be the largest source of dispatchable clean electricity.

ENEC’s current and future success in delivering zero-carbon emission electricity is underpinned by the Emirati-led teams that have developed a high-tech nuclear industry and supply chain in the UAE, Al Hammadi said. “We are proud to continue increasing our efforts towards tackling climate change with the UAE taking a realistic, long-term approach to energy planning, using proven sources. We look forward to showcasing our success at COP27 and when the UAE hosts COP28, to continue exchanging best practices and knowledge with the international community,” he added.

Researched and written by World Nuclear News

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