How to find the pictograms of Fia and deactivate the reactor

Fia is one of the members of AEON. She happens to be in control of a nuclear reactor in a bunker. If you’re not careful, you can wipe yourself out completely. Oh, and you’ll also need to find several pictograms while you’re at it. Here is our Deathloop guide so you can find Fia’s pictograms, deactivate her nuclear reactor, and eliminate her in the Fractured Image section of Fristad Rock. This is part of a series of quests called “Afternoon Delight”.

Note: We’ll have a hub for Deathloop guides and features soon, so stay tuned. Please also note that these instructions contain minor spoilers.

Deathloop AEON Visionary Boss Guide – Where to Find Fia’s Pictograms and How to Deactivate the Nuclear Reactor

You will get the Afternoon Delight quest in Deathloop after reaching Charlie’s room in Updaam. You see a photo of the two of them and the notice tells you they have a safe house somewhere in Fristad Rock. Assuming you have already visited this place, then you know that there is a mainframe computer where you have to enter a code sequence consisting of different pictograms. As far as I know, numeric codes differ from player to player. It is possible that pictogram codes are also random.

Anyway, to be clear, your goal here is to attack Fia’s bunker called Fractured Image. It is also in Fristad Rock (right after exiting the tunnels on the right). But it’s only open for lunch.

You can enter Fia’s base in Deathloop using the main entrances. Alternatively, you can cross the crane to reach the tall cliffs. There are a few doors here that will lead you to the base.

However, I should warn you that because the alarm is going off, you cannot be spotted here.

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In this case, Fia will activate the core meltdown. The entire Fristad Rock Zone will explode after 60 seconds. This is an actual death for Colt, which means recapitulation is not taken into account. In this case, you will restart all day.

Note 1: The biggest problem you will have here is if you are already at the base and Julianna is spawning to hunt you down. It will cause enemies to focus on your position, which will cause the sirens to wail instantly. If you want, you can stay outside a little while waiting for Julianna to start her hunt. If you can fight Julianna off base, Fia won’t start the self-destruct sequence.

Note 2: Egor’s Aether Plate is also invaluable for sneaking past guards. This allows you to become temporarily invisible.

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How do we deactivate the detonation of the nuclear reactor?

First you need to enter the workshop, which is a room to the right of the main entrance. There you will find a schematic representation on the table of how the detonation can be averted.

You need to cut the wires in this order: red -> blue -> green -> yellow. Again, things can vary from player to player so just check out what you see in-game.

Deathloop Fia Pictogram Code Disable Nuclear Reactor Code Fractured Image Fristad Rock 1a

Next, sneak past the guards and cameras. Once you get to the research area with the reactor, look at the board on the opposite page. You should be able to open it with your Hackamajig. Just cut the wires in the order shown in the schematics.

Note: If you do this while the alarms are already ringing, that’s fine. However, if you can kill Fia without triggering an alarm and the reactor is disabled, you will get an achievement too.

Deathloop Fia Pictogram Code Disable Nuclear Reactor Code Fractured Image Fristad Rock 1b

Where are Fia’s pictograms?

We need to find and interact with four pictograms in Fia’s base in Deathloop. You can see several in the area, but most of them don’t really count. Anyway, there are pointers based on the wording when you review the tooltips. Here are the ones I found:

  • Pictogram No. 1: It lubricates the shaft – there is an elevator shaft to the right of the workshop near the main entrance.
  • Pictogram # 2: Under the monster with wheels – directly opposite the workshop is a destroyed tank. Look below for the pictogram.

Deathloop Fia Pictogram Code Disable Nuclear Reactor Code Fractured Image Fristad Rock 2a

  • Pictogram # 3: It animates the lockers – Go to the second floor of the reactor area and find the bathroom. You will see it here.
  • Pictogram # 4: Slopes the Main Hall – It is located along the main entrance that connects the main entrance to the reactor area.

Deathloop Fia Pictogram Code Disable Nuclear Reactor Code Fractured Image Fristad Rock 2b

Rewards for killing Fia in Deathloop

Before I forget, yeah, you have to turn Fia off. You can find them behind the reactor section. She’s in the control center chilling alone. Here are the things you can get:

  • Devastation – Greatly boosts your defense and kicking power.
  • I think she drops a gun too. Unfortunately, I couldn’t take note of it (I also don’t remember picking it up).

When you’re done, head to Charlie’s and Fia’s Safe House at Fristad Rock in the afternoon. Enter the pictogram code in the correct order to unlock the door.

Deathloop Fia Pictogram Code Disable Nuclear Reactor Code Fractured Image Fristad Rock 3

Deathloop is available through Steam and its official website.

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