Interesting Engineering’s top 10 innovation stories of 2022

From ‘sand batteries’ to ‘water batteries,’ from drilling deeper holes in the Earth to developing magnetic technology for cleaner energy, the year saw innovators pushing limits, and the reporters at IE were right here to highlight these successes for our audience.

Our readers’ attention was piqued by innovations ranging from the simple – the development of a speedier method for boiling water, to the complex – the comprehension of how solar panels produce electricity at night.

As 2022 comes to a close, here are the top ten most-read stories on innovation that stood out as we reflect on a year filled with fascinating breakthroughs.

10: ‘The Line’: 75-mile-long mirrored city of skyscrapers in Saudi Arabia

This city is being designed to use high-speed underground transit systems that will connect from one end of the city to the other in under 20 minutes. The linear nature of the city will eliminate the need for personal transportation as well as the problems that plague cities today.

9: Solar panel that generates electricity at night

An electrical engineer welcomed the cloudless nights for an entirely different reason: a clear night means infrared light from the surface of solar panels can freely radiate out into space.

8: Starlink user achieves ‘infinite WiFi’ with 300 watts of solar

The Starlink customer who ran SpaceX’s internet service completely off-grid 24/7. The service, which received significant public attention for its role in the Ukraine conflict, allows users to connect to the internet almost anywhere — and this customer pushed the concept even further.

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