It Costs $3 Million to Travel on This Nuclear Yacht Packed With Millionaires, Scientists and Celebrities

Entrepreneur Aaron Olivera wants to raise environmental awareness by bringing climate experts, activists and tycoons together on a yacht to travel the world.

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April 12, 2021 4 min read

This article was translated using AI technologies from our Spanish edition. Errors can occur as a result of this process.

During a kick-off dinner in Singapore, entrepreneur Aaron Olivera presented his project to raise awareness for the environment. This is the Earth 300 nuclear yacht that offers 10-day tours where scientists and students meet high-ranking tourists such as millionaires and celebrities who pay around $ 3 million per trip.

In addition to the crew, a group of climate researchers and students will be on board to study the ocean during the tours. All of them can travel for free or at a reduced price. The $ 3 million fee is billed to wealthier tourists, which helps make the business profitable.

In the presentation, Olivera stated that his intention is to save the environment, inspire young people and promote science.

“We wanted the sphere to inspire everyone who looks at it to save the planet. Imagine if we could build an object that would stimulate people all over the world, “said the enthusiastic businessman, who, according to Bloomberg, called the ship” the Eiffel Tower of our generation “.

This is the Earth 300 Nuclear Superyacht

The superyacht has a modernist style with clean lines, designed by Ivan Salas Jefferson, a specialist in this type of ship. It is 300 meters long and 60 meters high and can accommodate 450 people.

The Earth 300 has 20 luxurious suites, a cantilever viewing platform and a 13-story “science ball” made of glass.

The spacecraft will house 22 laboratories in which around 160 scientists work, conduct research and collect data via thousands of built-in sensors and possibly the first commercial quantum computer on the high seas.

This is what Aaron Oliver’s superyacht would look like. Image: Earth 300 via Facebook.

Part of the high cost will be used to install an emission-free nuclear power plant to power the yacht. UK-based Core Power is developing a molten salt reactor, a technology from the US nuclear company TerraPower, founded by Bill Gates.

How much does the superyacht Earth 300 cost and when does it set sail?

Although Olivera is very clear about his project, there is still a long way to go to make it a reality. It took the contractor 6 years and $ 5 million to have a sufficiently advanced design to begin building the superyacht, which is to be provisionally carried out in shipyards in Europe and South Korea.

The total cost of Earth 300 is estimated at $ 500 to $ 700 million. Some would come from private investors, but the majority would come from traditional financial instruments.

The yacht is scheduled to launch in 2025, but certification of the reactor can take anywhere from five to seven years. For this reason, the spaceship will initially run on synthetic green fuels.

The entrepreneur wants the ship’s first voyage to be a tour of Antarctica, followed by a tour of the Arctic. It is estimated that it will sail 300 days a year and generate approximately $ 100 million from wealthy ecotourists. You will also receive additional income for rental for events or as a set for films.

Olivera confirms that the business plan has been tested by financial company KPMG and that 80% of profits will be used for environmental purposes. In addition, he said the science project would be “open source,” with processing facilities and information shared with other climate research efforts around the world.

With information from Bloomberg.

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