Jessie Guerrero Joins Alliant Insurance Services

NEWPORT BEACH, California – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Jessie Guerrero has joined Alliant Insurance Services as Senior Vice President Energy & Marine. Based in the Houston office, Guerrero strengthens the experience of the Alliant Energy & Marine team. His extensive knowledge of all segments of the energy sector is used to provide improved consulting solutions for Alliant Power and downstream customers. Guerrero will manage operational and construction cover placement and provide strategic advice to power, LNG, downstream and energy customers.

Guerrero’s extensive experience in both the private and public energy sectors is a remarkable addition to Alliant’s knowledge. “Jessie’s power generation expertise, operational knowledge and procurement management skills give our E&M Power team tremendous power,” said John Ludwig, Co-COO of Alliant Specialty. “Jessie has maintained longstanding relationships at the highest levels of customers and markets. With its presence in the team, Alliant is at the forefront of this sector. ”

Prior to joining Alliant, Guerrero was a general manager in the energy practice of a global insurance brokerage company. His expertise spans the full spectrum of energy and heavy chemicals. His passion is to provide strategic advice beyond renewal to ensure his clients have the best information available to help them make decisions.

Guerrero’s energy career includes power plant construction project management, Six Sigma designations, and trading in energy assets. He was the director of strategic procurement for a major energy company responsible for contracting with EPCs and vendors to build simple cycle, combined cycle and renewable power plants and environmental control projects for fossil fuels.

Guerrero’s more than 30-year career began with the practical operation and supervision of nuclear power plants on board US Naval Submarines. He rose to the rank of Lieutenant Commander and was appointed Chief Nuclear Engineering Officer by the Ship Reactors Department.

Guerrero can be reached at (832) 317-4878 or [email protected]

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