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Our city council will make a decision whether to continue to add sodium fluoride to our public water supply on Dec. 19. At a recent city council meeting numerous residents spoke against fluoridation citing a growing number of negative health effects from ingesting fluoride. The only support was from three people employed in the dental profession.

Additionally, one opponent handed each council member a booklet featuring 75 articles attesting to the negative health effects. A vote was expected at this meeting, however, Mayor Matt Waligora wisely steered the council to postpone the vote until they had time to further review the issue.

Some reasons fluoride should not be added:

∫ Fluoride is a neurotoxin and according to 64 studies, is linked to reduced IQ in children

∫ Fluoride is considered a drug by the FDA and adding fluoride to water for the sole purpose of preventing tooth decay (a non-water borne disease) is a form of unconsented medical treatment

∫ Mothers with high fluoride levels are more likely to have children with ADHA symptoms

∫ Topical application of fluoride, primarily via toothpaste is far more effective at preventing tooth decay than oral consumption.

∫ See 50 reasons to oppose fluoridation at https://fluoridealert.org/

Lastly, the dry form of fluoride our water plant uses is sourced from China. China is our enemy and they have a track record of providing us with contaminated products, some intentionally, ie; baby formula purposefully tainted with melamine to make it appear to have higher protein content.

Interestingly enough, most developed countries, including Japan and 97% of the western European population have rejected water fluoridation.

Even if the plant were to spend the $100,000 plus to convert to liquid fluoride the negatives far outweigh the positives and we need to ensure our council members vote wisely.



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