Listerine Healthy White Vibrant Multi-Action Fluoride Mouthwash Review

People with initially fairly white teeth, like me, may not notice whitening results. Other than that, I noticed that after using the conditioner for a long time, my teeth turned lighter and almost sparkled.

However, I really like the idea behind this product. I feel that most of the consumers who are looking for a teeth whitening product have very high expectations for their results. In turn, users may be disappointed with their results depending on what they expect from the conditioner.

This product would work wonderfully in my opinion when used in conjunction with a professional whitening product.

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  • Refreshes mouth and teeth after brushing your teeth
  • Teeth appear lighter after prolonged use


  • The conditioner has a strange taste
  • Consumers may find the price of the product high
  • Whitening results were not very obvious


Listerine Healthy White Vibrant Multi-Action Fluoride Mouth Rinse is designed to give you noticeably whiter and brighter teeth. It contains hydrogen peroxide, an ingredient used to whiten teeth.

Suggested retail price of a 16oz. Bottle costs $ 6.49. It is available in most grocery, drug, and bulk stores across the country.

Review on Listerine Healthy White Vibrant Multi-Action Fluoride Mouthwash

Listerine Healthy White Vibrant Multi-Action Fluoride Mouth Rinse is designed to whiten your teeth after brushing your teeth. Users are instructed to rinse the rinse in their mouth for 60 seconds twice a day after brushing their teeth. Listerine claims that the White Vibrant Conditioner helps prevent stains, fight plaque build-up, and control the build-up of tartar on teeth. The conditioner also contains the ingredients that help kill the germs that are known to cause bad breath.

This is the first time I’ve tried a lightening conditioner. I have used whitening toothpastes and both professional take-away whitening kits and professional office whitening systems, but I have always been skeptical of whitening products that are only used in the mouth for a minute or less. Why? Conventional whitening products are used in the mouth for 20 to 60 minutes, depending on the concentration of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide in the gel. How is a teeth whitening product supposed to achieve the desired result in two minutes or less a day? Does Listerine Healthy White Vibrant Multi-Action Fluoride Mouthwash Work?

The first time I was handing out the conditioner, I gave myself a little cheer before taking a sip: “You can do this, Shawn. Just do your best to let the conditioner flow for 60 seconds. I closed my eyes, shot back the cap with conditioner, and prepared for the worst.

If you’ve used Listerine mouthwash in the past, I feel like you know exactly what I’m talking about. For those of you who have never used a Listerine mouthwash before, you are probably thinking that I lost my marbles.

Listerine mouthwash is famous for its very strong taste. Many people – including me – can hardly flush for more than 10 to 20 seconds with the rinse. When I started rinsing, I was relieved to find that this rinse is not as strong as your mouthwash after brushing, which meant no stinging. What I immediately noticed was the taste of the conditioner. The product contains hydrogen peroxide, an ingredient used to whiten teeth. I tried the Clean Mint flavored conditioner, but found that I could detect the taste of the peroxide over the soft mint undertone. This rinse is not intended to refresh your mouth with a crisp, minty flavor like a post-brush mouthwash would, but admittedly the taste wasn’t very tasty.

I brushed and used my teeth as usual, then examined my teeth after spat out the rinse. I noticed that my teeth and mouth generally felt refreshed.

After using the conditioner for about a week, I noticed that my teeth really seemed to sparkle after brushing my teeth. I used the conditioner regularly for two months after each brush. I can’t say for sure if the rinse whitened my teeth at all. I can say the rinse fits in well with my oral hygiene routine.

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