Morocco and Hungary sign Memorandum of Understanding to Promote Education in Nuclear Industry – Middle East Monitor

Morocco and Hungary signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Friday on cooperation in the field of basic and advanced training in the nuclear industry in the context of the peaceful uses of nuclear energy.

The Moroccan Ministry of Energy, Mining and Environment announced in a statement that the agreement had been signed with the Hungarian Ministry of Innovation and Technology.

According to the statement, the Moroccan Energy Minister Aziz Rabbah and the Hungarian Ambassador to the Kingdom of Miklos Trumpler chaired the signing ceremony of the agreement.

The statement stated that the Memorandum of Understanding: “aims to facilitate the establishment of long-term cooperation in the application of nuclear science and technology, education and training between Morocco and Hungary.”

“Both sides will work closely together to develop cooperation programs in education and training, particularly in the development of basic and applied research, nuclear science and technology, and the legal framework for the peaceful uses of nuclear energy,” the statement said .

The agreement provides for: “Commercial cooperation between suppliers of goods and services in both countries and development of exchange programs for students, university professors and doctoral students between Moroccan and Hungarian universities.”

The TRIGA Mark 2 reactor is one of the largest nuclear facilities in Morocco and contributes to research and training activities in the fields of nuclear medicine, industrial applications and radioactive waste management.

Morocco has also developed into a training center in the field of regulatory oversight of research reactors in North Africa and other regions.

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