Nuclear Power Engineers from Egypt, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, and Russia Defend Their Theses at TPU

An international team of nuclear power engineers from Egypt, Vietnam, Kazakhstan and Russia successfully defended their theses at the Tomsk Polytechnic University. The students studied the design and operation of nuclear power plants at the Butakov School of Energy & Power Engineering.

This year 48 students completed the program “Nuclear Power Plants: Design, Operation and Engineering”, including 13 students from Egypt, 10 from Vietnam, 2 from Kazakhstan and 23 from Russia. The training lasted 5.5 years and was conducted in two languages ​​- English and Russian.

Egyptian students studied under a joint program with the Egyptian-Russian University (ERU). For the first three years they studied general philosophy of science in their home country and the rest of the time they studied specialist disciplines at the Butakov School of Energy & Power Engineering. Her education was entirely in English. Other students took part in the program in Russian and received an additional course in Russian organized for non-Russian speakers.

“Russia has about ten nuclear power courses at different universities, but this program is unique in terms of its 360-degree approach. We prepare top nuclear experts and not in terms of separate components: reactors, turbines or steam generators. Our graduates are experts in the entire cycle of a nuclear power plant, ”explains Sergey Lavrinenko, coordinator of the main training program.

In addition to basic physical, kinetic and neutron physical processes, students learn the principles of design, operation and engineering of nuclear power plants. Under the agreement between Tomsk Polytechnic University and the National Nuclear Research University of the Moscow Institute of Technical Physics, foreign students receive their practical training at the Resource Center in Volgodonsk.

The final projects presented by the students covered all areas of nuclear power engineering, including the planning of new nuclear power plants, the efficiency and improvement of reactors / heat exchange / steam generators / condenser / turbine systems and the disposal of nuclear waste.

“While our graduates have in-depth knowledge of the operation of the entire nuclear power plant, the market demand for them is very high. There are up to 4 vacancies per graduate of this program in 2020. The Technical Academy of Rosatom State Nuclear Corporation alone submitted applications for 28 graduates, ”explains Sergey Lavrinenko.

“This shows a high level of confidence in the professionalism of the training at Tomsk Polytechnic University.”

Egyptian and Vietnamese students were recruited according to quotas and funds from the Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education. Graduates from the program will later be recruited for Rosatom’s projects in Egypt and Vietnam, which are currently under construction, as well as for nuclear R&D centers.

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