Nuclear powered superyacht a scientific research center on the high seas

Concern for the environment and climate change has never been as great as it is today. While some may ignore these important issues, others are inspired to act in the interests of the planet’s well-being. A privately funded company called Earth 300 is trying to take on the task of finding solutions to the most pressing problems of our time. They hope to create a hub for cutting-edge scientific research on the high seas by inviting the world’s most pioneering scientists and innovators on exploration trips in a 984 foot nuclear-powered superyacht.

“We live in a crucial moment in human history and are facing the greatest challenge since the dawn of mankind – climate change,” says Aaron Olivera, CEO of Earth 300. “So our goal is to set off the climate alarm on a global level.” And inspire an era of ecological imagination that spawns a new brand of the planetary avant-garde, ethical leaders who will support a new economic and ecological vision for the world. “

The planned mega yacht bears the same name as the company – characterized by the full 300 meters length of the slim ship. To further the goals of the sublime Earth Mission 300, the ship will be equipped with 22 state-of-the-art laboratories equipped with the latest technology – all in an eye-catching 13-story “science sphere” located across from the cantilevered observation deck. It will host research on energy independence, water and food security, climate disasters and other important areas of global concern.

“Earth 300 will use global systems thinking,” continues Olivera. “On board the ship we will explore the broadest spectrum of viewpoints and bring together the brightest and brightest minds to create a collective of intelligence that is unparalleled in scope and diversity.”

In addition to 160 of the world’s leading scientists, the mega yacht will also welcome 20 experts from other fields – entrepreneurs, economists, engineers, explorers and artists – 20 students and 40 VIP guests on each trip. The ship will have features found on many different types of watercraft, including cruise ships, expedition and research vessels, and luxury yachts. Earth 300 does not fit into any of these categories, however.

The giant is powered by a 100% emission-free smelting salt reactor, a type of nuclear energy that is considered a safe and sustainable form of clean energy. The superyacht will also be equipped with a helipad for travel by helicopter to and from the ship, as well as exploration by air. In addition, it will house a number of underwater ships to aid in deep-sea studies. Already supported by several prominent partners – including IBM, NED-Project and RINA – Earth 300 hopes to start its maiden voyage by 2025.

“We want to build a global icon of science,” explains Olivera, “designed as a scientific sculpture on the seas to grab people’s attention and stimulate their imaginations.”

Earth 300 is a company that builds a 984-foot nuclear-powered superyacht to conduct scientific research on the high seas.

Earth 300 mega yacht for research on the high seasEarth 300 nuclear powered super yacht for scientific researchEarth 300 nuclear powered super yacht for scientific research

The mega-yacht houses 22 state-of-the-art science laboratories in a 13-story “Science Sphere” and will accommodate 160 of the world’s leading scientists.

Earth 300 mega yacht for research on the high seasEarth 300 nuclear powered super yacht for scientific research

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