NuScale Power Closes Third Energy Exploration (E2) Center at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas

PORTLAND, Ore .– (BUSINESS WIRE) – Today NuScale Power announced the opening of a NuScale Energy Exploration (E2) Center ™ in partnership with the Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station. The NuScale simulator is installed in the Center for Advanced Small Modular and Micro Reactors (CASMR) in College Station, Texas.

This is the third E2 Center NuScale has unveiled with university partners, with the first opening at Oregon State University in November 2020, followed by a second opening at the University of Idaho at the Center for Advanced Energy Studies (CAES) in August 2021.

The E2 center offers users an exciting practical learning opportunity to apply nuclear science and technical principles through simulated real operating scenarios of nuclear power plants. The E2 Center uses state-of-the-art computer modeling in a simulation of the power plant’s NuScale Small Modular Reactor (SMR) control room, allowing users to act as the “control room operator” on a NuScale 12-unit SMR plant to learn more about the groundbreaking features and functions to learn that are unique to NuScale’s technology. In addition, it will provide an opportunity to reach the community through demonstrations, tours, and training for community leaders, K-12 students, and interested citizens.

These E2 centers are backed by a 2019 Department of Energy grant to expand understanding of advanced nuclear technology in a control room environment and to provide students, researchers, operators, and members of the public with an opportunity to immerse themselves in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) research and education. Learn more about the E2 Center on the NuScale website here.

About NuScale Power

NuScale Power has developed a new modular light water reactor nuclear power plant to provide energy for power generation, district heating, desalination, hydrogen generation and other process heating applications. This groundbreaking Small Modular Reactor (SMR) design features a fully factory-built NuScale Power Module ™ capable of generating 77 MW of electricity using a safer, smaller, and more scalable version of pressurized water reactor technology. NuScale’s scalable design – power plants that can accommodate up to four, six, or 12 individual power modules – offers the benefits of carbon-free energy and reduces the financial obligations associated with gigawatt nuclear power plants. NuScale’s majority investor is Fluor Corporation, a global engineering, procurement and construction company with a 70-year history in commercial nuclear power.

NuScale is headquartered in Portland, OR with offices in Corvallis, OR; Rockville, MD; Charlotte, NC; Richland, WA; and London, UK. Follow us on Twitter: @NuScale_Power, Facebook: NuScale Power, LLC, LinkedIn: NuScale-Power and Instagram: nuscale_power. Visit the NuScale Power website.

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