NuScale Power (NYSE:SMR) Shares Down 0.8%

NuScale Power Co. (NYSE:SMR – Get Rating) shares were down 0.8% on Friday . The company traded as low as $10.25 and last traded at $10.26. Approximately 2,293,602 shares changed hands during mid-day trading, an increase of 303% from the average daily volume of 568,742 shares. The stock had previously closed at $10.34.

Several equities research analysts have recently issued reports on SMR shares. Cowen began coverage on shares of NuScale Power in a research report on Friday, May 13th. They set an “outperform” rating and a $15.00 price objective for the company. Cowen began coverage on NuScale Power in a research note on Friday, May 13th. They issued an “outperform” rating on the stock.

NuScale Power Company Profile (NYSE:SMR)

NuScale Power Corporation develops and sells modular light water reactor nuclear power plants to supply energy for electrical generation, district heating, desalination, hydrogen production, and other process heat applications. It offers NuScale Power Module, a water reactor that can generate 77 megawatts of electricity (MWe); The VOYGR-12 power plant that can generate 924 MWe; and four-module VOYGR-4 and six-module VOYGR-6 plants, as well as other configurations based on customer needs.

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