Palmer, Tuberville and Moore oppose the Democratic Budget Dissolution Act

The U.S. Senate has passed both a $ 1 infrastructure bill and a $ 3.5 trillion budget bill. Congressman Gary Palmer, R-Alabama; US Senator Tommy Tuberville, R-Alabama; and Congressman Barry Moore, R-Alabama, all issued statements condemning the Democrats’ spending bill, which they say will fuel the rapidly rising inflation that threatens economic recovery.

The spending bill’s passage follows Biden’s $ 1.9 trillion US bailout bill earlier this week, which is supposed to kickstart the recovery as the nation exits the global COVID-19 pandemic.

“President Joe Biden and the Washington Democrats seem fixated on breaking the inflation records they have already set,” Palmer said in a statement. “This $ 3.5 trillion budget will accelerate inflation, which has resulted in higher prices Americans pay for gasoline and groceries, while the country has a record level of vacancies that remain unfilled.”

Palmer chairs the House of Representatives Republican Political Committee.

“The Democrats just passed a $ 3.5 trillion budget resolution,” Tuberville said. “That’s on top of their $ 1.9 trillion“ COVID package ”they passed earlier this year and the $ 1.2 trillion“ bipartisan ”infrastructure legislation that hasn’t been fully paid for. Senate Democrats even admit that their tax and spending frenzy will add an estimated $ 45 trillion to national debt over the next decade. They want to spend all this money because they have the White House and majorities in the House of Representatives and the Senate. That means you can raise the debt ceiling yourself, and I have called on you, along with almost all of my Republican colleagues in the Senate, to take responsibility. ”

Remember, as inflation continues to rise, Biden is willing to spend AT LEAST $ 4.5 trillion between infrastructure bills and budget decisions, said Congressman Barry Moore, R-Alabama. “Americans just can’t afford the reckless Democratic spending.”

“Democrats are known for their tendencies to spend first, then ask questions, but this budget decision really takes the cake. Democrats are determined to spend $ 3.5 trillion in tax dollars on a progressive wish list that includes free college, amnesty for illegal immigrants, and radical climate change policies, to name a few, “Tuberville said. “Make no mistake: every American will end up paying for these proposals through higher taxes, higher prices at the pump and higher grocery store costs as a result of rapid inflation.”

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“The American people need to realize how astronomically absurd a number like $ 3.5 trillion is – $ 3,500,000,000,000. Even if you were to spend $ 5 million every day, it would still take nearly 2,000 years to hit $ 3.5 trillion, “Tuberville said. “That is the same time between the birth of Jesus Christ and today. We must put an end to this utterly ruthless fiscal policy before we put the grueling debt burden of the Democrats’ worst spending dreams on our children, grandchildren and their children. ”

“The headlines may portray the Senate passing this partisan budget boondoggle as a ‘win’ for President Biden, but it’s a loss to the average worker,” Palmer said. “Although wages have risen, the average worker now earns 2 percent less than a year ago because of inflation. The House must stop this reckless spending that harms American workers and their families and that threatens to undermine the future of our nation. ”

The national debt is currently $ 28.6 trillion, and the nation spends $ 403 billion annually on interest on the national debt alone. Total federal tax revenue is $ 3.6 trillion, but the federal government spends $ 6.8 trillion annually. When this week’s spending bills go into effect, which is expected, national debt is projected to exceed $ 50 trillion in 2025.

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