Renewable Energy Update – November 2021 # 2 | Allen Matkins


Renewable Energy Now – November 9th

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) has unanimously approved the Ten West Link high voltage power transmission line project and advanced a plan to provide more renewable energy and energy storage resources in Arizona and California. The CPUC issued a certificate of public convenience and necessity to build and operate the project last Thursday, which is sponsored by Starwood subsidiary DCR Transmission LLC. After the scheduled commissioning in 2023, Ten West Link will have the capacity to transfer 3,200 MW between central Arizona and southern California.


cartridge Utility Dive – November 8th

California could cut its electricity sector emissions by more than 10% from 2017, save $ 2.6 billion in electricity system costs, and improve system reliability by postponing the decommissioning of Pacific Gas & Electric’s Diablo Canyon, its last nuclear power plant, to 2035 a new report from experts at Stanford University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The regulatory authorities approved a settlement in 2018 that should shut down the nuclear power plant completely by 2025, when the federal permit for the second unit expires.

cartridge Renewable Energy Now – November 11th

The US Department of Commerce on Wednesday refused to initiate an investigation into the possible evasion of anti-dumping and countervailing tariffs on Chinese solar products through imports from three Southeast Asian countries. The Solar Energy Industries Association welcomed the trade’s decision. If the circumvention tariffs were imposed, they would have resulted in the loss of 46,000 solar jobs within two years.

cartridge Tech Crunch – November 5th

Helion Energy, a clean energy company advancing carbon-free power from fusion, today announced the completion of its Series E funding of 0.5 billion Fusion Energy promising all the benefits of current generation fission generators at a fraction of the risk far less radioactivity in operation and with very little radioactive waste.


cartridge Solar Industry Magazine – November 2nd

The Clean Power Alliance now receives 100 MW of clean energy storage capacity from Terra-Gens Edwards Sanborn Solar Storage. The 15-year contract expands CPA’s energy mix to include flexible new storage capacities. Edwards Sanborn’s solar storage facility is located on property leased from Edwards Air Force Base and on adjacent private property. After the complete expansion, the facility in Kern County will consist of 760 MW solar and 2,445 MWh energy storage.

cartridge Microgrid Knowledge – November 9th

Los Angeles is developing into a center of innovation for microgrids, as evidenced most recently by a plan to install one of the largest EV charging stations in the country, powered by a solar and storage microgrid. With a grant of 6 million

cartridge Energy News Network – November 10th

Boston-based Rye Development hopes to build Washington’s first $ 2 billion pumped storage project in southern Klickitat County near the John Day Dam, with a goal of getting it operational between 2028 and 2030. It would be sandwiched between two rows of wind turbines and while the idea is environmentally promising, the proposed site of the project is being rejected by the Yakama Indian Nation, which considers the site sacred.

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