RIC 2022 TH26 Mission Related Research Projects Preparing for Future Challenges

TH26 Mission Related Research Projects: Preparing for Future Challenges
This session will present research and development projects funded through the NRC’s University Leadership Program. These mission-related projects are intended to help the NRC prepare for upcoming challenges. The projects encourage careers and research in the nuclear sector, providing expertise to keep nuclear facilities and materials safe and secure in the future. Speakers representing current recipients of research grant awards will present their research project plans.

Source: https://ric.nrc.gov/docs/abstracts/sessionabstract-31.html


Ray Furstenau, Director, Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation, NRC e-mail: [email protected]


Introductory Remarks
Ray Furstenau, Director, Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation, NRC
Development of LMFR Core Thermal-Hydraulic Benchmark for VVUQ of Sub-Channel and CFD Codes
Maria Avramova, Professor, North Carolina State University
Development of a Soil-Structure-Interaction Framework in Support to Enhance Regulatory Oversight for SMRs
Kadir Sener, Assistant Professor, Auburn University
Adapting a Gen IV Micro Reactor For Use as a Next-Generation University Hybrid Research and Energy Reactor
David Medich, Associate Professor, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Nancy Hebron-Isreal, Senior Grants Administrative Specialist, Program Management, Policy Development and Analysis Staff, RES/NRC e-mail: [email protected]

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