Scott Adams: Thorium Reactors Conserving the World, Border Financing

Healthcare cost transparency EO (cost reduction) by President Trump
Whomever is ready to torture border kids the longest…wins! Solutions to DECREASE or GET RID OF kids being tortured
CNN does multiple interviews of most recent nutty accuser
Iran representative states “White House is afflicted by mental retardation”
President Trump asks…why are WE paying to protect others nations?
Guest: Kirk Sorensen, Nuclear and aerospace expert Startup business, establishing a thorium reactor BENEFITS of a thorium reactor versus uranium Follow Kirk: @KirkSorensen
Project Veritas has confirmed Google CAN affect things…if they want
In the long-run, algorithms WILL evolve to include political predisposition
The problem with Bernie’s“free education” plan
Elizabeth Warren’s “gay reparations” strategy based on previous tax policies
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