Seaborg Molten Salt Reactor Will Fit on A T ruck and Expense Less Than Coal Power

Seaborg is the largest reactor style start-up in Europe and they are making an ultra-compact molten salt reactor (CMSR). Seaborg can not meltdown and can use invested fuel. Traditional nuclear reactors have strong fuel rods that need constant cooling, normally utilizing water under high pressure.

They are talking to the East Asian supply chain and are talking to clients who could buy 10 -15 systems for the late 2020 s.

In the CMSR, fuel is combined in a liquid salt that acts as coolant. This guarantees it can always be cooled and it can not melt down or blow up. It will simply shut down by itself in case of an emergency situation.

The importance of this is not just the safety however likewise a considerable decrease in intricacy and cost.

They have a style for a molten salt reactor that is 10 times smaller sized than the Terrestrial Energy IMSR. It would 20 to 30 times smaller sized than an existing pressure water nuclear reactor for submarines.

Seaborg CUBE reactor can usage invested nuclear fuel (SNF) by adding thorium as a driver. The CUBE as a waste burner. Existing conventional reactors use about 4% of the uranium fuel rods. This is since they usage Uranium 235 and can not usage the Uranium 238. The thorium element is just beneficial in terms of very long term concerns. Thorium with Uranium can extend nuclear fission to hundreds of thousands of years instead of tens of thousands of years.

Timeline aligned with requirement IAEA reactor advancement method
• 2014 -2016: Pre-conceptual Design Stage 1
• 2017 -2018: Pre-conceptual Style Stage 2; 1.5 Million Euros
• 2019 -2020: Conceptual Style Stage; 10 Million Euros
• 2021 -2024 Technical Style Stage; 50 Million Euros
• All set to build reactor plans

Delivered cost for 250 MW thermal MSR in 2025 in the $50 Million to $70 Million depending upon production scale. They are working towards a 50 MW thermal pilot plant and then would scale to 250 MW thermal for a business system.

SOURCES- Seaborg, Youtube – Gordon McDowell
Written By Brian Wang,


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