State of AI Report


The State of AI Report is an annual publication which is reviewed by leading AI practitioners in industry and research. The 2022 report, which is now in its fifth year, is a compilation of the most interesting things happening in the state of AI and its implications in the future. The report covers five main dimensions that are research, industry, politics, safety and predictions.

Under research, the report states that AI attacks more science problems, ranging from plastic recycling, nuclear fusion reactor control, and natural product discovery, with the help of diffusion models, text to image generation has reached new heights and inspired by neuroscience, AI research is starting to look like cognitive science in its approaches. As far as industry is concerned, AI semiconductor startups have strongly contested NVIDIA and big tech companies are expanding their AI clouds and forming large partnerships with AI startups. In politics, a widening compute chasm is separating industry from academia in large model AI and decentralized research projects are gaining members, funding and momentum. Interestingly, AI is getting infused into a greater number of defense product categories such as geospatial sensor fusion and electronic warfare. The other observation highlighted in the report is that the EU is steadily advancing in its plans to regulate AI through its AI Act which bans certain type of AI-based techniques such as social scoring and real-time biometric remote identification. In the safety paradigm, the report states that early AI pioneers had speculated that economically integrated AI systems could pose a risk to humanity and latest AI researchers believe it is indeed the case so.

Relevance of the report

The report gives an all-round update of the latest happenings in the world of AI ranging from research to industry and politics. It gives some interesting perspective from the field of politics and safety that the readers might be unaware.

Key takeaways

  • New independent researches are being published from smaller and previously unknown labs. The big players are no more the leaders in this space
  • Text-to-image generation has gained momentum in 2022 with Meta and Google publishing some mind-blowing models
  • China has overtaken US in terms of AI research. China is now churning out 4.5 times more papers in AI as compared to the US
  • AI safety is gaining awareness among research entities

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