SUBS: Idaho has a long history

Thanks to Mr. Albright for his informative article on the creation and development of submarines.

I would like to add a brief post-script to its thorough discussion – namely, that Idaho has a long and rich history of supporting the Navy submarines. One of the newest Virginia-class submarines under construction is called the USS IDAHO, SSN 799. The hull shape and all low-noise developments for this class have been tested, assessed, and improved in the Navy’s Acoustic Research Detachment on Lake Pend Oreille. As many northern Idaho residents know, the division is the remnant of the Farragut Naval Training Center, which trained nearly 300,000 recruits during World War II, now Farragut State Park.

In addition, the nuclear reactor designs for all U.S. Navy submarines were tested at the Idaho National Lab site near Arco. Incidentally, Arco was the first city in the world to receive electricity from nuclear power.

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