T3 Non-Proliferation Considerations for the Export of Advanced Reactors

This video recording is from the technical session held at the NRC Regulatory Information Conference in 2024. 90% of the closed captions are accurate. More information on the technical session is provided below.

T3 Non-Proliferation Considerations for the Export of Advanced Reactors
The goal of the panel will be to provide potential considerations and actions that the U.S. nuclear industry can take to prepare for the export of advanced reactors. The panel will highlight what U.S. exporters of advanced reactors should consider from a non-proliferation perspective before deployment of their technologies, such as safeguards and security by design and the legal requirements for exports stemming from the Atomic Energy Act. The panel objective is to highlight the necessary elements to satisfy U.S. and international export controls advanced reactors facilities and their associated materials. The panel consists of U.S. Government officials representing the Department of Energy (DOE), and Department of State (DOS), a representative from the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) and a representative from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). NEI will highlight current proliferation-resistant advanced reactor designs. DOS will provide comments on the legal framework for the supply of nuclear commodities and the non-proliferation elements that make up an agreement for civil nuclear cooperation. The Department of Energy will highlight safeguards by design and security by design efforts in the United States to address non-proliferation and security risks posed by advanced and small modular reactor designs. Finally, the IAEA will describe international efforts to prepare for the deployment of advanced reactors, including the process to ensure that a particular reactor design is safeguardable. The panel will conclude with a discussion on the benefits of taking non-proliferation criteria into consideration when approaching new reactor designs.

Lauren Mayros, International Policy Analyst in the Export Controls and Nonproliferation Branch, OIP/NRC Opening Remarks

James Warden, Director, Office of Nuclear Energy, Safety & Security, U.S. Department of State
Nonproliferation Considerations for the Export of Advanced Reactors
Jeremy Whitlock, Senior Technical Advisor, Department of Safeguards, International Atomic Energy Agency
Safegaurds by Design: Industry’s Role in Customer Nonproliferation Compliance
Katherine Croft Holt, Deputy Program Director, U.S. Department of Energy/National Nuclear Security Administration
International Nucolear Security for Advanced Reactors (INSTAR)
Ted Jones, Senior Director for National Security and International Programs, Nuclear Energy Institute
Nonproliferation Considerations for the Export of Advanced Reactors: An Industry Perspective
Timothy Harris, Senior Program Manager, Materials and Security Branch, Division of Physical & Cyber Security Policy, NSIR/NRC
Potential Impacts of Advance Reactors and New Fuels on Export Licsensing

Joanne Savoy, Licensing Officer, Export Controls & Nonproliferation Branch, OIP/NRC e-mail: [email protected]
Shannon Doane, International Relations Officer, International Cooperation & Assistance Branch, OIP/NRC e-mail: [email protected]

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