TH20 – No Need to Reinvent the Wheel: How Countries are Considering Leveraging Int’l Experience

This video recording is from the technical session held at the NRC Regulatory Information Conference in 2024. 90% of the closed captions are accurate. More information on the technical session is provided below.

TH20 No Need to Reinvent the Wheel: How Countries are Considering Leveraging International Regulatory Experience in their Licensing Reviews

This panel will provide a forum for countries developing or expanding their nuclear power programs to share their vision, plans, or experience with licensing new reactor technologies. Specifically, the session will focus on how these regulators are ensuring consistency with their legal and regulatory frameworks while leveraging the work already done by other regulators. This panel will highlight areas in which regulatory bodies have found efficiencies in their reviews based on international collaboration, while also discussing their methodology for identifying those parts of applications they may review in more detail. The panel will also provide a forum for the IAEA to provide an update on the progress of Nuclear Safety and Harmonization Initiative Working Group 3.

Christopher T. Hanson, Chair, OCM/NRC
Opening Remarks

Andrej Glowacki, President, National Atomic Energy Authority, Poland
Independent But Not Alone – Use of Foreign Experience during Preparation to Regulate Nuclear Power in Poland
Emmanuel Ampomah-Amoako, Director of Nuclear Installations, Nuclear Regulatory Authority of Ghana
Nuclear Regulatory Authority Ghana Presentation” No Need to Reinvent the Wheel”
Carlo Arcilla, Director, Philippine Nuclear Research Institute
Harmonizing New Nuclear Laws with Good Practices from Established Nuclear Countries
Christer Viktorsson, Director General, Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation
FANR in a Changing Landscape
Lydie Evrard, Deputy Director General, International Atomic Energy Agency
An International Perspective on Collaboration anmd Capacity Building

Shannon Doane, International Relations Officer, International Cooperation & Assistance Branch, OIP/NRC e-mail: [email protected]
Joshua Admire, International Relations Specialist, International Cooperation & Assistance Branch, OIP/NRC e-mail: [email protected]

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