The domestic nuclear submarines of the Navy are said to be 95 percent “Made in India”

What would significantly increase the ability to build submarines in the country, the first three nuclear attack submarines that are indigenous would have 95 percent “Made in India” and will continue to increase in the next three.

The Cabinet Security Committee (CCS) is considering a proposal worth around Rs 50,000 crore for the domestic construction of three nuclear submarines to be built by the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) in Visakhapatnam. This project is separate from the

First class project to build six nuclear submarines that can fire ballistic missiles.

“The Nuclear Strike Submarine Project would give a huge boost to local submarine capability as 95 percent of it would be made in India. This would give a big boost to the domestic defense sector, including the private and public sectors, ”government sources told ANI.

For the six nuclear attack submarines, the planners are confident that they will be able to carry out the project without outside help, but they will also be able to fall back on one of its strategic partner countries if necessary.

The project would also be very helpful to the economy as it is expected to create a large number of defense jobs, the sources said.

The Navy and DRDO would initially be cleared for three of these boats and have the option to build three more upon completion of this project. The Indian Navy’s proposal to have six indigenous nuclear submarines was one of the first major defense modernization proposals approved by the Narendra Modi government shortly after it came to power in 2014.

Although India has been marred by some delays, it has made great strides in indigenous submarine construction. The first Arihant class boat entered service a few years ago and the second INS Arighat is also on sea trials and is expected to enter service in the near future.

India plans to build 24 submarines, including six nuclear strikes, that will allow it to operate in the Indian Ocean region and keep its enemies at bay at great distances.

The first six conventional boats are already being built in Mumbai as part of the Kalavati-class project, while tenders for the next six of greater capacity would follow soon after the recent clearance from the Department of Defense. There is a plan to build six more conventional submarines under Project 76, but it will take a long time to get started.

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