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Ukraine revives theory Putin is using body doubles

UKRAINE has revived a conspiracy theory that Russia is using body doubles to stand in for Vladimir Putin, and points to his changing ears as proof.

Rumors have swirled for months about the 69-year-old Russian president’s failing health, with close ally Nicolai Patrushev reportedly standing in for Vlad during his regular medical appointments.

This week, Ukraine’s newly-appointed military intelligence chief, Major General Kyrylo Budanov, told Ukrainian TV that Putin’s height and even ears appear to have changed in recent appearances.

“The picture, let’s say, of the ears, is different,” he said during an appearance on the channel ‘Groshi’, meaning money.

“And it’s like a fingerprint, each person’s ear picture is unique. It cannot be repeated.”

Budanov was also cited by Ukrainian news outlet TSN as saying he believes the Russian president is seriously ill and using body doubles to avoid public appearances.

He claimed that although very similar, the Putin body doubles “have different habits, different mannerisms, different gaits, sometimes even different heights if you looked closely”.

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