US Nuclear Regulatory Commission assists Auburn Engineering with advanced nuclear reactor research

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The U.S. nuclear regulatory agency recently announced two awards totaling $ 1 million to Auburn University to advance the future of manufacturing and building advanced nuclear reactors.

The first award of $ 499,999, led by Kadir Sener and Jack Montgomery, both Assistant Professors of Civil Engineering, is to develop a framework for soil-structure interaction to provide regulatory oversight over the construction of new generation nuclear power plants , known as small modular reactors, improve SMRs.

The second award of US $ 500,000 under the direction of Xiaoyuan Lou, associate professor of materials engineering, serves to create the regulatory basis for the qualification of laser additive manufactured stainless steels for nuclear applications. The research focuses in particular on understanding the effects of microstructural variations from the laser additive manufacturing or AM process on the radiation-assisted stress corrosion cracking susceptibility of reactor components.

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