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Investing is a big decision, especially for new age consumers, as choice is measured by whether it is a wise decision or a risk. Investing is property that has always been viewed as a smart and safe option. Before making a decision, however, it is important to have knowledge of the investment location and the market.

In the current situation, investing in a property is an ideal choice as the developers offer affordable interest rates to offset the losses suffered during the lockdown quarter. Investing in a property offers different options, whether you want to invest in an apartment or a plot of land. Consumer’s choice depends on preferences, needs and other aspects of lifestyle such as bank loans and taxes.

Investing in a plot of land results in the buyer building their own dream adobe according to their preferences and requirements, while an apartment is an approved layout designed in a multi-story construction with restrictions on changing the size or layout of the construction. During the construction of a property, the buyer is solely responsible for the safety and construction of the house, while in an apartment there are various additional benefits such as accessibility, security and location. A fully prefabricated apartment offers enough space for green spaces and designated areas, so that living in apartments is a pleasant experience.

Apartments are also considered a smart choice for new age core families because they are easy to maintain and available on any budget. The popularity of living in compact spaces is evident in large metropolitan areas across India. However, the idea of ​​building your own dream home is still valued, especially by the elderly.

Below are some parameters that can be used to assess the pros and cons of the two options so that buyers can make an informed decision.

Advantages of investing in a property –

  1. Investing in or owning real estate is always a luxury for a buyer. A plot of land has no construction or spatial restrictions. It can be designed for a larger group of people or a core family, depending on the needs and size of the family. An independent home could therefore help improve the lifestyle and standard of living.

  2. The property is an open property that will bring more appreciation over time compared to an apartment as it has a lower appraisal value (depending on demand and location) or depreciation value. Most buyers choose a lot over an apartment because the stakes are higher on a lot. The value of the property increases with stable market conditions.

  3. Investing in land is seen as less of a problem in terms of financial obligations as there are no maintenance costs. Once payment has been made, there are no disruptions due to recurring costs.

Disadvantages of investing in a property –

  1. There is always a higher risk of litigation in land. There are changes to the property that are illegally captured by the land mafia or intruders if the buyer does not form a boundary around the property.

  2. If you are considering investing in land for a stable income, it is always advisable to buy an apartment as it will generate high income in the short term. The buyer can enjoy the advantages of a long-term investment in a property under favorable and stable market conditions.

  3. The buyer can only enjoy the associated tax benefits from purchasing a property for the first year and must complete construction of the house on the property.

Advantages of investing in an apartment –

  1. The financial aspect of buying an apartment is very important. The buyer can easily take out loans from the bank for an apartment. The buyer can obtain financing with a maximum repayment term of up to 30 years. There is also an added benefit for the buyer that the home loan helps with the tax savings on the monthly repayment of the loan.

  2. Given the high and frequent demand, the value of an apartment continues to increase over time. Since a residential company offers different amenities compared to a plot of land, both values ​​are higher for rental and resale.

Disadvantages of investing in an apartment –

  1. Depending on the construction phase, it can take longer for the buyer to seek ownership of an apartment.

  2. The company interferes in all internal affairs such as maintenance and property. The buyer also has to pay the maintenance costs from the day of possession. The decision to make certain changes to the apartment also requires the consent of the city administration and society.

Since both an apartment and a plot of land have their own advantages and disadvantages, the best way to make an informed decision is to analyze liabilities, needs, lifestyle, and financial skills.

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