New Thorium Salt Reactor In the Works After 40 Year Absence

The Debate Continues

The work of creating viable clean and renewable energy options is a topic on everyone’s mind, and the development of plants of this type will definitely add a new dynamic to the debate. Within the last two years, US-based Martingale, for instance, unveiled its ThorCon liquid fuel reactor design, “targeting its first installations in forward-looking countries that support technology-neutral nuclear regulations and see the benefits of the license-by-test process.

Also, with environmental activists strongly staking their claim in the same debate about sustainable energy and the environment—when the 21st century began, it appeared to many that nuclear power planets were being phased out—more questions will still need to be answered about whether Thorium -derived nuclear energy will prove to be the cleaner energy resource it purports to be.

sources: IAEA, World Nuclear Association, MIT Technology Review


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